Boyt Road Area:
Kidd Rd to Boyt Rd
Boyt Rd from Blossom Rd to Deshotel Rd
Martel Height Area:
Lawhon Rd from Gums St to Bluebird Way
Lawhon Rd from South China to Hwy 365

Zone 2

Township of Cheek:
Blewett Rd from Avenue C to Industrial Rd
Fannett & Green Acres:
Hwy 124 from Oakdale Dr. to Post Oak Ln
Hwy 124 from Greenway to Gaulding Rd.
Hwy 124 from Old Gilbert Rd to Hwy 365

Zone 3

Gilbert Lake Estates:
Hwy 365 frim Gilbert Dr. to Greenwood Dr.
Sun Chase Subdivision:
Santa Fe Trail to South Fork Dr.
Johnson, League, Heisig, Willis, and Ebner Rd.

Zone 4

Hillebrandt Rd to Old Port Arthur Rd
Highland Rd from Cardinal Dr. to Old Port Arthur Rd.
Erie Rd.
Power Plant Rd.

Signs by Zones 2010 - 2011

Signs by Zones 2011 - 2012