1149 Pearl Street
Beaumont, TX 77701
Phone: (409) 835-8443
Fax:       (409) 784-5803


..........I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. My name is Commissioner Everette “Bo” Alfred of Jefferson County Precinct# 4. Listed below is an array of services provided by Precinct# 4.

Services provided to you are as follows:

•  Maintenance of Roads and Bridges

•  Constructing Driveways and Installing Culverts

•  Sinage and Striping of Roads

•  Ditching

•  Grass Cutting

•  Elections

•  Public Health Fair

•  Southeast Texas Super Seniors

•  Summer Nutrition Program

We provide locations for primary and general elections. Voting will take place at Precinct 28 located at 7780 Boyt Road and at Precinct 21, 2202 Hebert Road ( West Pt. Arthur Road ) at the Hebert Service Center . All these services are available to you as a resident of Jefferson County .

My office is located at 7780 Boyt Road Beaumont , Texas 77713 , Precinct 4 Service Center The phone numbers are (409) 835-8443 and (409) 434-5400. We are here to serve you, the constituents of Jefferson County .

Your Commissioner,


Everette “Bo” Alfred

Jefferson County Commissioner Precinct 4


.......On April 9, 2002, Everette “Bo” Alfred was sworn in as Jefferson County Commissioner of Precinct 4. The constitutients of Precinct IV have embraced and recognized Commissioner Alfred as a leader who stands up for what is right and has the ability to get things done. Precinct IV is approximately 102.96 miles of roads and bridges.



.......The Precinct 4 Service Center was formerly Fanshire Elementary School , which was converted to meet the needs of the community. Since its restoration, Commissioner Alfred has converted cold water to hot water systems, installing a shower system for employees and a Wellness Center to improve employee health care issues.



.......Staffing has played a major component in Commissioner Alfred's long-range goals. To effectively meet the needs of Precinct 4, Commissioner Alfred hired an Executive Assistant to assist with grant writing, economic development, attend community group and organizational meetings, establish special projects and precinct coordination. The Superintendent of Precinct 4 is responsible for a staff of 13 and has direct supervision of (1) Assistant to Superintendent of Roads/Bridges. Two support staff personnel also play an important role within Precinct 4. Commissioner Alfred has demonstrated much support for his staff and values their views in the decision making process. This has truly contributed to the success of Precinct 4.