Vehicle Security

Securing your vehicle can be one of the most difficult jobs in your effort to protect your personal belongings. Theft of stereos and other valuables from cars is a prevalent crime during late night hours when most are asleep.

In order to reduce the likelihood of your car being "ripped off," the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department has listed the following tips to follow:

  1. First, consider the installation of an ignition "kill" switch or a fuel cut-off valve. These range in price from $30 to $75 and are recommended for even older model cars.
  2. Try to avoid parking in large, subterranean or covered parking areas at night. They usually provide a risk-free environment for car thieves. Whenever possible, park where there is good lighting and in a spot that is visible to potential eyewitnesses.
  3. Do not store valuables in your car, even in the trunk. Thieves often will force open trunks, especially at shopping centers and beach parking lots looking for concealed items.
  4. The installation of an alarm system that detects glass breakage can protect most car stereos from theft. Make sure that you can adjust the sensitivity so that false alarms will he eliminated.