"Can you spare a quarter?"
Familiar words to anyone who shops or walks around any shopping area, or public place. How should you react to someone who poses this question to you? Is it best to ignore a panhandler or to give them money? Here are some suggestions that you consider the following in an encounter with a panhandler:
  • Any stranger who approaches you on the street should be viewed with caution, regardless of their appearance.
  • NEVER display money or reveal where you keep it to anyone. Someone asking for change or another observer may be tempted to forcibly demand that you give up all of your cash.
  • ALWAYS report any confrontation that you have with someone who physically or verbally forces you to give them money. Go to the nearest phone and report the incident to the police.
Anyone who is homeless and needs assistance or anyone who would like to help the homeless should contact an agency that provides direct homeless services.