1. A marriage license is valid for thirty days from issuance. A seventy-two hour waiting period is required from the time the marriage license is issued until the wedding can take place unless one of the applicants is in the military or a waiver of the waiting period is obtained from a District Judge. Therefore, the wedding must take place at least seventy-two hours after the license is issued and before thirty days have passed from the date the license is issued.
  1. Each applicant should bring valid identification (Driver's License, certified copy of birth certificate, DPS issued identification card) when applying for the marriage license. Both applicants must swear or affirm that the information provided is correct and both sign the application for marriage license unless one applicant cannot be present. If one of the applicants cannot be present, an absent application form must be completed, signed by the absent applicant and notarized before being submitted with the absent applicant's proper identification. Only one applicant may submit an absent application form. At least one applicant must appear in person for the marriage license to be issued unless both applicants are incarcerated or on active military duty.
  1. Effective September 1, 2003, the fee for obtaining a marriage license is $41.00 in cash. We do not accept checks for marriage licenses.  
  1. Once the license has been issued, it is given to the applicants who should present it to the officiating authority authorized to conduct the wedding. The officiating authority should subscribe the date of marriage and his or her signature to the license and return it to our office.
  1. After the license is returned to our office for recording, a certified copy may be obtained for $6.00. It may take up to two weeks to receive your original license in the mail.
  1. If for any reason the marriage license is unused, please return it to our office along with a note stating that it unused. If the license is never returned with an explanation, the record reflects that it was issued but not recorded, therefore the outcome is unknown.   

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